10 myths about studying abroad that are simply not true

Here are top 10 myths about studying abroad that are simply not true.

1. It’s unaffordable- If plan ahead and enough, studying abroad can be quite affordable by all standards. There are various aids such as scholarships and educational loans available to make your study abroad experience quite easy going.

2. It’s a stretched out party- Yes you sure will party and enjoy your life while studying abroad, but it will not be just that. You will learn many things like becoming independent, fending for yourself, people’s skills, communication, and networking skills and much more.

3. It’s only for students who are interested in international relations and language- That’s entirely not true. Anyone can study abroad because the courses that are taught and done keeping a global perspective in mind. Universities offer a wide range of courses to choose from and you will almost always find something that you would like to study.

4. You’ll graduate late as compared to your friends- If you start planning your education at the right moment and seek proper guidance, you will graduate pretty much at the same time as your friends and even sooner if possible.

5. Employers don’t care about your degree- This is completely incorrect. Employers throughout the world, even your home country and looking for individuals with international exposure and skills that can set them apart from the other people.

6. Making friends abroad is difficult- Universities usually hold orientations where you get to mix up with the crowd and help you connect with other international and local students.

7. Studying abroad means learning a new language- Most universities offer programs in English, considering how it’s the most common language but very rarely will you have to learn the local language of the country before going to study there.

8. I can travel instead of just studying abroad- Sure, but your travel will be limited by time and money while when you are studying abroad, you will generally have a span of 2 years to travel throughout and even earn a degree while at it.

9. It’s dangerous to study abroad- Your concerns are understandable, but most universities hold crash courses for international students about the basics of staying safe in the city and how to go about the place. You will have international student advisors who will be there to guide you throughout and you can always make friends with some local students to help you transition smoothly.

10. I won’t be able to adjust- When you’re studying abroad, one thing that you are not is alone. There will be many students just like you who have left the comfort of their home and come to a new country for their education. Don’t think it will be a very difficult process as you will also find people from your own country there. But don’t confine yourself to just a specific group of people. The best way to adjust in a foreign land is to blend in with the people there and understand that it’s a new beginning.

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