10 reasons why companies prefer employees with international education

If you have any plans of studying abroad, having even the faintest idea of how it will affect your career prospects, you should materialize your dreams into reality. Going by the standard of skills that employers all across the globe are looking for, you will not regret your education abroad, once you know how graduates having international exposure are always preferred over those who have none.

VDIEC Global Connect presents 10 reasons why companies prefer employees with international education-

1. Exposure- When you study abroad, you meet arrays of people, ranging from different cultures and backgrounds. You come across new ideas that inspire you to bring your own new ideas to the table. Coming across varied personalities exposes you to new things, thus giving you more knowledge and tolerance towards things

2. Broadmindedness- Studying in an environment full of people from all across the world enhances your thinking. You start accepting ideas and situations more willingly and try to adapt yourself to the environment. In time, you elevate your own thinking and those of around you. A trait all employers actively look for.

3. Proactiveness- All those assignments that you will do while studying abroad, will teach you to act fast and smart. You will learn to become active participants in assignments that will break you out from your shell and comfort zone. Unlike the education system in India, the education abroad focuses more on practical applications of your studies rather than theory.

4. Eagerness- Employers all over the world look for employees that have an eagerness to do things. They want people who will be willing to take projects and work actively. They want their organization to be filled with people who have a thirst to learn new things and not back down. All these traits are what you will be exposed to while studying abroad.

5. Skills- While studying abroad, you will learn various skills, right from communication, to efficiency. But one skill that employers value most out of all is the skill of problem solving. While you are studying abroad, you will come across various challenges, some foreseen, some unforeseen. With time, you will learn to solve these problems to make your stay in the country smooth. This skill is highly valued by employers in the world today.

6. Self-sufficiency- Studying abroad means you have to depend on yourself almost always. You won’t have your family members there to do your work like you have in your home country. You’ll learn to be completely independent and self-reliant. This is also something employers value because it shows that you’re capable of doing your work independently and do not need anyone’s help.

7. Networking- This is the basic skill your education abroad will teach you right from the very beginning. Amidst new people, you will have to take the initiative and approach new people and connect with them. This skill will teach you to network, something that companies value a lot.

8. Adaptability- If you successfully manage to complete your studies abroad without major hiccups, it means that you adapt to situations, environment and surroundings really well. Employers love such people who wouldn’t stick out and would blend with the company’s environments really well.

9. Acceptability- If you decide to study abroad and go through with it, it means that you appreciate and accept cultural diversity. When you join a company, you will accept the diversity in your work environment also the same way and not cause any friction between you and the other members.

10. Risk taking- The biggest risk you will take would be to study abroad. Going to a new place, among new people and culture. This risk is appreciated by the employers because they think if you’re willing to taking this risk, you will not be afraid to take healthy risks in the future. You will more likely not be afraid to take initiatives and would not play safe, staying in your comfort zone.

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