Remote learning can be a tedious process especially in times like these when you are confined to the space of your home all the time. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. It depends on how well you manage this time and how effectively you make use of this particular tool.

VDIEC brings to you 5 ways in which you can make your remote learning experience more effective:

  1. Get into the habit the participating: This can be a challenge initially, especially when there is no fixed schedule you follow. Make a plan and a time table if that helps and stick to it. Even if everything around the class is flexible, try to stick to this particular routine. It’s just a couple of hours anyway. At the end, you’re the only one who is going to benefit from the routine you follow.


  1. Make goals: Studies show that making goals helps you achieving it much more than just going about things with no particular aim in mind. Setting a goal helps you stay motivated and you can always stay on top of it to make sure that you’re making progress every day.



  1. Track your progress: There is no point in doing anything if you can’t know how much progress your making. If your remote learning classes have ways to evaluate your progress, you’re in good hands. If not, you can always set tasks for yourself and track your performance on a weekly basis. This will also help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Participate: Do not just sit and listen to lectures because that yields nothing. Participate in discussions, ask questions, clear your doubts. This will not only help you stay connected to the classes but will also motivate others to participate more. Maybe you will end up with a healthy debate with a peer and that will keep you more interested in the classes.



  1. Define what suits you best: Maybe you’re the kind that is more motivated to attend classes if there is a whole batch of students attending the classes with you. Maybe you prefer one-on-one classes. Anyhow, you won’t find out unless you have tried each one out. Stick to what makes you more comfortable. In any case, you can always switch to the other when you feel like it.

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