Studying in New Zealand is a magical experience that will leave you with lifetime of memories. Other than studying, which should be your main focus, there are many things you can do and explore on the weekends either by yourself or with your friends that will make your stay there even better.

VDIEC brings you 7 things you can do in New Zealand during your study period.

  1. Explore the slopes, beaches and lakes- Mostly entire New Zealand is surrounded by water, making coasts available to you in each direction. But that’s not it. It has a range of things from hills and mountains to even lakes that serve you with wonderful experience of nature and beauty.


  1. Wining and dining- Agriculture being the main export of New Zealand, you will find meadows and pasture in almost all parts of the country. Apart from that, it has a big dairy industry. The main source of food in New Zealand might be meat based but you will find plenty of vegetarian selections and options for you that you can enjoy. To go along with that, you can choose among the finest wines of the country which is slowly growing its viticulture industry.


  1. Explore Middle-Earth- Are you a big fan of Lord of The Rings? If then, then this place is for you. If not, then too this place is for you. Visit Hobbiton and explore the various places the movie was shot at.


  1. Visit Wellington- Apart from Hobbiton, most of the production of Lord of the Rings was shot in Wellington. Not only this, while you’re in New Zealand, don’t forget to visit Te Papa, the museum of New Zealand. Find out more about the Maori people while there and when you’re done, walk down Cuba Street and find your way through cafés and local shops.


  1. Trekking/Camping- No visit to New Zealand or a stay there is complete without trekking through the country. All you need to do is find yourself a remote patch of bushes, set up your tent or you can even walk for days with your bag pack and just explore the country on foot. Tramping, as this activity is called, is something that most, if not all universities organize and don’t turn it down thinking you’re not a tramping kind of person. Try it once and you will end up making many friends.


  1. Pump your adrenaline- If adventure is your thing, you will find that there are many things you can do in New Zealand that will get your adrenaline high. With sports such as jet boating, water rafting, sky diving, bungee jumping and what not, you will always find something that will keep you on the edge and your adventures going.


  1. Visit Dunedin- This is the home to the country’s first established university. It has become the country’s number one student city because of its long standing academic history. The city is also known for its student pranks and parties with having a good nightlife.


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