With the onset of the current pandemic that resulted because of COVID-19, a lot of tests have been forced to make some drastic changes to the way they’re conducted. One of which is TOEFL Home Edition which is offered by ETS.

Until now, TOEFL was a test center based English Exam that students could take at specific test centers in their home country. But as of April 2020, all of that has changed.

VDIEC gives you an insight on TOEFL Home Edition that as a student, you can make use of.


What is TOEFL Home Edition:

Not different from traditional TOELF, TOEFL Home Edition allows  students to take this English exam from the comfort of their home, using their computers while being monitored by an online Proctor.

Who’s Eligible?

In order to check your eligibility, you must have the following-

  • A Computer which much be a desktop or a laptop. Mobile and tablets are not allowed
  • Must have a Windows 7 or higher Operating System
  • Must have Chrome or Firefox web browsers
  • Must have speakers (Internal or external). Headsets are not allowed
  • Must have microphones (Internal or external). Headsets are not allowed
  • Must have a camera. Desktop users can have an external cam while laptop users can use the inbuilt cam

Environment for the test:

Here are some of the rules you must follow for a successful test

  • You must be alone in the room for the duration of the test. No one should enter or leave the room or the test will be cancelled
  • It should be in a closed space with enough lighting and clear view. Public places are not allowed
  • Your computer and keyboard should be in the table surface
  • You must be on a standardized chair. The bed is not allowed
  • Food and drinks are not allowed during the test
  • Your ears must be visible during the test
  • The table surface must be cleared of all items except keyboard and mouse
  • You must be dressed appropriately
  • Avoid wearing any kind of jewellery
  • To make notes, you are advised to use a white board with an eraser.
  • Or you can use a transparent paper with erasable marker
  • You will be asked to clear of all notes when you’re done

Follow the registration process here

Test Experience:

  • During the test, a proctor (a human monitor) will oversee your test
  • The entire test session will be recorded
  • Log in to your proctor account
  • You will have 15 minutes to start your test from the scheduled time
  • Once you start the session, you will have to go through authentication steps by showing your ID to the proctor
  • The name on your ID must match the name of your ETS account
  • The proctor will explain to you the exam rules
  • They may ask you to use either a mirror or your cell phone so they can see the computer screen
  • After all steps are followed, they will launch the ETS browser and provide you the password to start the test

During the test:

  • Make sure you’re visible on screen by the proctor
  • Do not use any unauthorized materials or your test will be invalidated
  • Do not communicate with any other person except the proctor
  • The prompts may tell you to use headsets but ignore that. You are not allowed to wear headsets during TOEFL Home Edition
  • After Listening section, you will get a 10 minutes break when you can leave your seat. If you do not return within 10 minutes, your test will be cancelled
  • You can view unofficial scores at the end of your test for Listening and Reading sections
  • Then you may choose to either report your scores or cancel them

After the test:

  • You will get your scores in your ETS account between 6 to 10 days of the test
  • Your scores will be automatically sent to the universities you selected when you were registering
  • You can order additional scores reports as well
  • In case you want a re-test, you will have to follow the same registration process as the first time

Watch the TOELF Home Edition Video test experience here

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