When choosing a study abroad program that focuses on Arts specifically, one must keep many things in mind. Not only should the education should be of value, but it should also impart you with a teaching experience that develops your skills and overall experience.

VDIEC brings to you top 5 places where you can study Art and Art History.

  1. Paris, France- If there is one place you must absolutely study art in, it’s Paris. With over 100 museums and art galleries, Paris packs it all for anyone who loves everything artistic. Hosting The Louvre, one of the most visited museums in the world, Paris offers many courses on Arts that can help you start your career in this field.
  2. Florence, Italy- With courses that focus mainly on history of art and culture, Florence offers everything a student would want to learn from. Great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo hail from Florence.
  3. Prague, Czech Republic- Known for its contemporary art form, Prague is quite famous in the arts world. It currently has one of the largest collection of modern abstract paintings which is highly influence by the years of Soviet Union’s history.
  4. Beijing, China- Chinese culture holds everything there is with its rich culture and forms of traditional arts, right from paintings to calligraphy to even sculptures. Beijing, the cultural hub of the country has many treasured places such as the Forbidden Place that has a collection of ancient arts.
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland- Packed with the most breathtaking visuals of highlands and scenic beauties, Scotland is a place to be inspired. It has some of the finest art galleries and art centers that will set you on the right path of courses and curriculum to take up on arts and arts history.

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