Top- 10 Reasons To Study In Canada

Canada is one of the most peaceful and advanced countries in the world for education and living. Here are the top 10 reasons that will make you want to pack your bags and go to Canada immediately.
1. Scholarships- There are many scholarships that are available to foreign students who wish to study in Canada. There are Government and Universities Scholarships such as The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarships etc and some other special scholarships that an international student can avail for studying in there.

2. Education System- The Canadian Education system is not only known for its quality, or for being inexpensive, but also because of the recognition throughout the world. Since education is a top priority of the Canadian Government, there are no compromises with the level of education you get there. In fact, the government plans on doubling the number of international students by 2022.

3. Working after studying- The international students who have completed their studies, have the opportunity to work in Canada for up to 1 year after completing their education. The students do not need a work permit to work on campus while they are studying. Moreover, the Canadian government has long term plans of retaining all their international students after completing their studies by offering them more opportunities.

4. High Employment rate- According to recent stats, more than 90% of Canadian alums are employed within 6 months of completing their education. The employment rate is not only high in the country, but a degree from any university in Canada opens doors for students throughout the world.

5. Health Care- As compared to other countries, medical insurance in Canada is inexpensive and affordable. Even though this is the care, the healthcare services provided in Canada are the most accessible and advanced services in the world.

6. Natural Beauty- The country is huge and borders three major oceans- The Pacific, The Atlantic and the Arctic. There are over 40 national landmarks and multiple World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO. You can find everything from splendid coastlines to far stretched rocky mountains.

7. Seasons and weather- Canada has 4 very distinct seasons and the weather varies throughout the year. During winter, you can expect snow in most places while not so much in other places and during summer, the temperature rises over 30 degrees Celsius. So the weather and seasons show a unique diversity that suits all.

8. Political and Economic Stability- The country has one of the most stable governments that emphasizes on the interests of the citizens and their needs. Not only is Canada politically and economically stable, it is also a safe place to live with crime rates quite low.

9. Ease in getting Visa- Because of the rise in demand of Canada among students as a top choice for their education, the process of getting visas for the international students has become more accessible.

10. Feel right at home- Canada was one of the first countries to embrace multiculturalism. It has welcomed over 15 million immigrants in the past century. Canada has a national policy that works in the interest of multiculturalism and their main aim is to preserve and respect the cultures and traditions of the various people. The Canadian are welcoming in nature and have hug respect for cultural differences. Because the universities encourage the foreign students to grow their international population, no matter where you go in Canada, you will feel right at home.
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