Top 6 reasons to study in Ireland

India, over the past few years has seen a tremendous increase in the number of students who go abroad for their studies. Among the top country choices, is Ireland and a significant number of students go to this country for their higher education.

VDIEC brings to you top 6 reasons why you should study in Ireland:

1. Language- Ireland is an English speaking country which makes the Indian students adjust quite well as compares to countries like Germany or France. Since Indian students already have English as a taught language in their school life, it becomes easier for them to cope and adjust even if the environment is new. Moreover, Ireland provides a wonderful opportunity to master your English language skills.

2. Top Universities- Ireland is home to some of the best universities in the world. The course curriculum is up to date and the educational approach is very practical. No matter which university you choose in Ireland, you can never go wrong.

3. Internationally recognized degree- Irish degrees are recognized worldwide and have very high value among employers. If you wish to stay in Ireland to work after your education or if you wish to return to your own country after education, an Irish degree will add value to your profile.

4. Variety of courses- Irish Universities offer a diversified range of courses. There is always something for everyone. The universities in Ireland offer degrees of various levels such as bachelors, masters, Phd, etc. and have over 5000 different courses in fields like management, technology, science, law etc.

5. Post education work visa- Not long ago, Ireland changed its policies of work visa and extended the duration for international students from 1 year to 2 years. International students now have the advantage of staying back for 2 years after their education and working there. Once you have a job in Ireland, you will become eligible to apply for work permits or green card.

6. Culture- Irish people are known for their hospitality, culture and traditions. Ireland is a country full of centuries of rich and tasteful culture that will mesmerise you. Combined with scenic beauty and breathtaking shoreline, Ireland bring to you the best of everything that you dreamed of as a student.

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