There is a wide range of courses and programs an engineering graduate can take up when planning to study abroad. These course are specifically built for the science, math and engineering enthusiasts who want to pursue their education and career in engineering and its various branches.

VDIEC brings to you the top 5 study abroad programs that are tailor-made for engineering students:

  1. The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden- The fact that this institute offers free post-secondary education to all, regardless of which country they come from, should be reason enough to go for their study abroad programs in engineering. But to top that, they also offer most courses in English which makes an international student very comfortable with the classes. It is one of the top universities in the world and studying in Sweden would also give you an opportunity to explore Europe and Russia.


  1. University of Leeds, UK- Quite similar to any top ranked university in the US, University of Leeds has everything an engineering student would need for their education. With top ranked facilities, quality education and respected faculty and curriculum, University of Leeds is one of the top research universities in the UK and receives the second most number of student applications each year for its courses related to science and technology.


  1. Handong Global University, South Korea- Located on the eastern coast of South Korea, Handong Global University is a very well established and highly competitive university in Asia. Almost 30-35% of the courses are offered in English with offerings of Spring and Fall intakes. Situated in Pohang, students can avail the benefit of low cost travel and living and get a hang of the whole country while at it.


  1. Tohoku University, School of Engineering, Japan- About five hours from Tokyo, is Tohoku University which is one of the top technical universities of Japan. The engineering courses are offered in English to make it easier for international students to opt for the course without having to learn Japanese. Although one semester courses (for 6 months) are available at the university too, it will be more beneficial if you take at least 2 semester courses at the university.


  1. ISA's Program in Florianópolis, Brazil- Hand down one of the best study abroad programs for engineers and it offers a lot for the anyone interested in STEM courses. Not only that, it is one of the best courses for employment in Brazil as well. You get to learn under some of the best teachers and professors and the courses are specifically designed to help you find your best approach for your career ahead.


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