Why VDIEC for Abroad Education Consultancy?

  • Helped 5000 students from all over the country
  • 300 affiliations with top Universities in foreign countries
  • We have 5 branches in 4 cities of India
  • Over two decades of experience in Foreign Education
  • Have hired trained staff to help students


When the question is about choosing an international destination for further studies, it is really imperative to learn from others. This is where the role of abroad education consultants in Indore comes into the play. Abroad education consultants are trained professionals with extensive insight into the international education domain.

Which country should you move in? Which course would be most suitable for your career growth? Which is a recognized university and has a good placement record? The answer to such questions can be quite difficult for someone with no international education experience. We, being the best global educational consultancy in Indore, completely comprehend the above-mentioned questions, and holds the answer for the same.

Our study abroad consultants in Indore can provide abroad study aspirants with everything that they need to meet their goal of international education, ranging from complete information about the available courses in a particular college/university, accommodation, travel assistance, processing of the application, and that’s just the beginning.

Applying for international education is not just about filling out an application form. It involves a plethora of things. At VDIEC, under the guidance of experienced foreign education consultants in Indore, you can plan your courses effectively with the best-suited university. With the help of personalized advice, you can locate the best course and university that fits well to all your aspirations, including your financial condition.

We have a strong association with some of the best universities in the world. Our foreign education consultants in Indore can also help you with scholarship, hassle-free admission application processing, and visa application processing, financial documentation, university interviews, insurance, education loan and so on. We aim to make your whole journey, ranging from the selection of course to moving into a new country hassle-free.

As a large number of you may be traveling to a different nation for the first time, our abroad education consultants in Indore strives to address all your doubts and fears that you may have before you fly to a different nation. They make sure that you have a clear idea of everything, such as who you need to meet, where you need to go once you land on your destination.

We have been in the education industry for more than 20 years. Our global education consultancy in Indore has assisted many abroad study aspirants since our inception and turned their dream into a reality. Our foreign education consultants in Indore pay the utmost importance to your aspiration and provide you with every possible thing to help you achieve your target. Do not hesitate to reach us for any inquiries related to foreign education. We are just a call away and would be more than happy to help you.

Foreign Education Consultant in Indore

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