Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad

Choosing to study abroad is probably on the best decisions you will ever make. No matter what the reason, your decision to study abroad can only help you further in your career path. While deciding to go to another country for your studies can be an easy task, deciding where to go can be tiresome.

VDIEC lists out top 5 countries that are highly popular among students so that your burden can be lessened.

1. USA- USA is a hub of students from various countries. There is a sea of universities to choose from and the courses are never-ending. No matter what university you choose or which university chooses you, it will be an experience worth remembering. More than 750,000 international students come to the US every year for their studies. USA is a perfect combination of work and leisure and you will love every bit of it.

2. UK- The UK is not only famous for its universities, but also for its scenic beauties and archaic castles. Despite its gloomy weather, it has an electrifying student life. The quality of education is top class here and you can find a lot of student cities that will make you feel right at home.

3. Australia- Australia is a world leader in international education. The country offers over 1100 universities with well over 22,000 courses. It has a number of top quality institutions that are recognized worldwide. Australia is a cultural hub with students from practically every corner of the world. The unique blend of high quality education and a stable environment to study and work, it is one of the most favoured destination by students.

4. New Zealand- New Zealand has a worldwide reputation of being one of the best education providers in the world. They vigorously go through each course, program, degree and certificates to make sure that they are o high quality as per world standard. They have one of the best support system for international students and word has is that students fall in love with the people and the place once there.

5. Germany- Germany is famous for its business and hard science education. It is the head to the biggest companies in the world which gives the students great opportunities for internships and jobs. The education is cheap, if not free and is a country that hosts the highest number of international students every year. The degrees are not only globally recognized, but are also esteemed high. Germany is known for its innovative steak and good quality education.

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